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Garment Management Lockers

Our garment management lockers are the perfect way for your customers to take control of their staff uniform dispensing, collection and laundry requirements. Talk to Link51 Trade today about becoming a supplier of our market leading storage products today.

Dealing with dirty uniforms, overalls or any other form of workwear is an issue faced by companies in various sectors across the UK every day. Whether these items are cleaned in-house or by a third party laundry service, sorting through dirty garments and handing out new ones can be a time consuming process. Whether your clients operate in the food and drink, production, manufacturing or any other industry, our garment management lockers help keep things simple.

Although primarily designed for managing workwear, these garment lockers are suitable for the controlled issuing of safety equipment, consumables, or specific materials required for a working day or shift.

Our garment collection lockers have one large opening for staff to deposit used clothing, while the dispenser lockers have either five, ten, fifteen or twenty tiers where fresh items can be left for employees to collect at the start of each shift. A main access lock allows fast replenishment, while individual locks on each small compartment door provide security and access for each worker.

As with all our locker ranges, a vast array of door colours, nesting options and configurations can be selected to suit your customers’ needs. Furthermore BioCote protection is included as standard, which reduces levels of bacteria on treated surfaces by 99.9% – making our garment lockers the perfect solution for hygiene stringent workplaces.

To find out more call us on 01952 683 900 or email sales@link51trade.com.

  • 1778mm in height, available in various sizes
  • Multiple compartments available with individual locks and one master lock which opens the entire locker allowing for easy refill
  • Garment dispenser and collection lockers available
  • Manufactured to BS4680; the industry standard for clothes lockers
  • Reinforced and stiffened doors for added strength and the prevention of forced or levered entry
  • BioCote® anti-microbial protection as standard, to help prevent and restrict the spread of harmful bacteria on contact surfaces by 99.9%
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