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As the UK’s leading trade-only suppliers of storage solutions, over the years we’ve built a vast product range to meet the needs of businesses in practically any industry you can think of. In this news post we’re focusing in on one of these areas in detail – the public sector.

As the end of the financial year approaches for public sector organisations across the country, many departments are looking for ways to utilise unallocated budget.

Here are five of our most popular products that can help your public sector customers’ remaining funds go further.

1) Mobile shelving

Mobile shelving is the ultimate space-saving storage solution for any office environment. If you supply local or national government offices, public archives or anywhere else that requires a large amount of paperwork filing or record storage – we offer several mobile models which reduce the floor footprint taken up to free up space for other uses. This can be a real money saver when you consider the ever rising cost of renting office space.

Our mobile shelving product range includes a trackless option for clean and modern feel, and aslide aside model for improving storage capacity in awkward spaces.

2) School lockers

We offer a comprehensive array of three quarter and half height lockers which are perfect for secondary and primary schools. We can provide lockers of various colours and compartment configurations to suits your clients’ needs and a choice of locking options are also available.

All of our lockers feature BioCote® anti-microbial protection that helps prevent spread of harmful bacteria on contact surfaces by 99.9%.

3) Healthcare tray storage

The NHS is a key public sector institution and several of our storage systems have been designed with healthcare environments in mind. The Biocote protection featured on our lockers is also used on many of our shelving ranges – making them perfect for hygiene sensitive medical settings.

We also offer a HTM71 tray storage system, a mobile solution designed for quick access to small items in the NHS and other healthcare settings.

4) Police lockers

If you supply to the emergency services sector – again Moresecure are your one stop shop for storage equipment to meet a variety of needs. Our police lockers are particularly popular and come with designated areas for the storing of items like gas canisters, airwave radios, PSU kits and so on.

5) Hazardous Substance Cupboards

Last but not least – our hazardous substance cupboards are a sometimes overlooked, but nonetheless essential piece of storage equipment for the public sector. Whether you supply to councils, schools or libraries our hazardous substance cupboards can be used in practically any workplace as they are the perfect way to store potentially harmful cleaning products or COSHH materials.

If you’d like to know more about any of these products or would like advice about supplying to your public sector clients – give us a call on 01952 683 900 or email sales@moresecureint.com.