ProGlide Mobile Shelving System

Maximise your office productivity with new ProGlide mobile shelving

  • Free up your valuable office space
  • Increase your storage efficiency
  • Store the same in 50% of the space
  • Double the capacity of your office storage
  • What could you do with the extra free space?


Throughout business, increasing productivity has become a vital part of everyday life. And with ever increasing office costs - £600 m2 p.a. according to the latest survey* - most businesses are now looking for ways to get the best use out of their valuable office space.
* 2006 Total Office Cost Survey

Our new ProGlide mobile shelving is the most efficient way to store office documents. Its high-density design allows you to store the same amount of documents in 50% of the space compared to traditional storage systems. So whether you want to fit in additional staff or increase your storage capacity, ProGlide is the storage system you require.

Storage System

4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

ProGlide Mobile Shelving

Number of units required for 100m of filing

48 cabinets

15 bays

Total space occupied

36 m2

10.5 m2

Cost at £600 m2 p.a






ProGlide Data Sheet (PDF) >>