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Square Tube

If your customers need a practical workstation, trolley or storage solution, our Square Tube construction system is ideal. Originally designed for industrial and commercial settings, Tube can be used in practically any workplace from manufacturing and production to front of back of house retail settings.

The beauty of this system is that is lets your customers design a storage solution to meet their exact requirements, however big or small. The tube can be cut to the required length and the simple tap together method of assembly means creating these designs can be done in an extremely quick time period. We can even provide a jig to assist with cutting and a soft faced hammer to help put the tubing together.

A choice of plain or perforated tube is available to form the frame of the system with the help of various connecting joints, while fins extrude to provide support for either 15mm board or 6mm glass surfaces. Additional clips provide connective support for shelves and cladding, while wheels give mobility for trolleys and caps can be attached to the open ends of tubes to give a better rounded finish.

Tube construction systems are not just practical and easy to assemble – they’re also an aesthetically pleasing solution as a choice of tubing colour can be selected from black, red, blue and grey.

This hardwearing solution is suitable for offices, shops, factories, schools and many more working environments.

From marketing support to product training courses, Link51 Trade has built a wealth of expertise in all areas of the storage industry and is on hand to help your business expand your product range, reach more customers and increase your margins.

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