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Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Racking stores pallets two deep at each pick face for more efficient use of warehouse space. It’s ideal for use in a range of industries and sectors, including food and drink, industrial and manufacturing workplaces.

Similar to our standard and wide aisle products, our Double Deep Pallet Racking uses adjustable steel frames and beams to support goods. By doubling the capacity at each pallet location, items can be much more densely stored, which means better use of the space in your customers’ stockroom or warehouse.

Double Deep Racking reduces the number of aisles required in a storage unit, which cuts down on a lot of time moving between picking locations. In other words, two deep racking not only saves space, but is also a more efficient storage solution.

Only the front pallet of each pair is accessible, and with an efficient stock control system this is often a preferable method of storing bulk items or rotating stock in busy warehouses.

Your customers will always be looking for ways to better organise their operations and storage capabilities, and our Double Deep Pallet Racking system offers exactly that.

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