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Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive In Racking is an extremely space efficient storage solution for warehouses and industrial environments.

This high density pallet racking system is perfect for bulk stock storage. It uses a first-in last-out system, where each pallet is driven back into the aisle by a forklift or another manual handling vehicle. This is possible thanks to rails running the depth of the racking that help guide each pallet into position.

This system is ideal for environments where loads are delivered and dispatched in batches and for bulk storing items with long or infinite shelf lives as stock selectivity is restricted.

Our Drive In Pallet Racking solutions maximise both the available floor space and cubic capacity of a warehouse. A Drive In system pack pallets in as densely as possible in order to minimise unnecessary aisle space, while still allowing easy access for mechanical handling equipment, utilising the height of the space by providing storage up to 11 metres. In fact it can increase overall storage capacity by up to 60%-80% over conventional aisle racking solutions.

The Drive In system’s structural strength and stability are second to none, and it can safely store heavy duty loads. Your customers can also rest assured that the items stored are being kept in excellent condition.

A wide range of optional add-ons are also available, including rail protectors and guide channels.

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