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Shuttle System

We offer several methods of bulk sorting your palletised stock, including Drive In, Push Back or Pallet Live racking systems, but none is more effective for storing large amounts of bulk items than our Pallet Shuttle System. Unlike traditional bulk pallet storage options, our shuttle system offers extremely long storage lanes and an effective way of keeping them fully loaded.

An automated shuttle travels up and down the lane allowing pallets to be stored at greater depths. The shuttle sits on top of guide or support rails and transports each pallet to the appropriate position. Built-in sensors on the shuttle detect the previous pallet and place the next one in the correct position.

The automated nature of the system means the forklift driver is free to move onto the next pallet as soon as he has loaded the previous one on the shuttle, as the shuttle moves it along the lane. This makes our Pallet Shuttle System a time saving as well as space effective warehouse racking solution.  The shuttle can also be easily transported between lanes via a standard forklift.

First-in, first-out and first-in, last-out options can be configured, which gives you a high level of stock control and allows for stock rotation.

Features and benefits of our Pallet Shuttle System include:

  • Lightweight Lithium Battery – 14kg compared to 40kg used in other models
  • A single charge gives an eight hour operational capacity based on a throughput of 30 pallets per hour
  • 900 recharging cycles compared to 300 using a conventional gel battery
  • Cold store model can be used in deep freeze environments of down to -30oC  without loss of power or operational efficiency
  • Variable distance adjustment between pallets
  • Innovative placement using laser technology
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Ease of inventory counting/stock take
  • Total flexibility
  • 24 hour support service

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