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If you supply to customers who operate in the manufacturing industry we have a vast array of storage systems that will make excellent additions to your existing product range. From small parts solutions to storage of bulk materials, we can help you cater to their every storage need.

Heavy duty manufacturing storage requirements can vary considerably from housing raw materials prior to processing to finished products awaiting shipping. We offer several pallet racking systems that accommodate various large item and bulk storage needs, including mobile, push back, double deep and drive in systems.

For medium and lighter duty storage we have some extremely versatile shelving systems, such as Longspan, Just and Stormor Euro, which are perfect for helping organise and streamline your manufacturing processes. We also have a range of plastic containers and louvred panels which are ideal for keeping nuts, bolts and other essential small and loose items for assembly and production lines in one place.

Our workstations and work benches are popular in manufacturing settings because they provide a central hub for managing work, displaying staff notices and safely using a computer.

Finally, our vast range of lockers is particularly useful if your customers need to offer a secure personal storage solution to their staff. From individual personal lockers in changing rooms to garment management lockers for collecting and dispensing clean and dirty uniforms – we can help you meet every need.

Link51 Trade are the UK’s leading trade only storage equipment suppliers and have over 50 years’ experience in the industry. As well as providing you with products of the highest quality, we can also provide marketing support, and have a range of additional service capabilities including site surveys, training courses, installation skills and design expertise.

To find out more call us on 01952 683 900 or email sales@link51trade.com.

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