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Medium Duty Mobile Shelving

Our Medium Duty Mobile Shelving products are a great space saving storage option, suitable for use in a range of workplaces.

With an impressive maximum bay load of 500kg, they can be used for lighter requirements in offices or archive facilities, or for heavier storage needs, for example, stockrooms or shop floors in retail environments or in industrial settings. As a slightly more robust solution it can be used in a wider range of workplaces than our lighter duty products.

Whatever the sector or industry, Medium Duty Mobile Shelving offers a space-saving way to increase storage capacity by making efficient use of the available space.

Our medium duty range can be operated in various ways, including simple push and pull handles for smaller applications and mechanical hand wheel driven for larger shelving units.

As with all our mobile shelving products, a range of decorative end panels, locking options and floor track systems are available.

For more information contact our dedicated team on 01952 683 900.

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