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Move a Side Mobile Shelving

Our Move a Side Mobile Shelving system is an excellent way of increasing the available storage space in an office or commercial environment. In fact, it can improve overall storage capacity by between 75% and 90% compared to conventional static shelving by simply doubling the number of units against a wall.

Move a Side is designed to improve storage capacity in awkward spaces like alcoves, corridors and corners, where other mobile shelving won’t fit. This clever shelving solution is moved using a simple manual push and pull system, which requires minimal physical exertion for quick and easy access to stored items.

An adaption of our high-density light duty LD-250 system, Move a Side offers all of the space-saving benefits of mobile shelving, with the addition of a dramatic reduction in the number of mobile units that need to be moved for even faster item retrieval.

This system is also easily adjusted and can be extended, reduced or relocated without major disruptions to the working environment.

Move a Side is a smart, innovative and cost-effective product, which helps your customers get more from their existing floor space in terms of storage potential.

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