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Trackless Mobile Shelving

Our mobile storage systems are an innovative way of increasing storage capacity in various working environments, and this is particularly true of our Trackless Mobile Shelving range.

Designed with commercial and office based environments in mind, our Trackless Mobile Shelving range is quick and simple to install as it only uses one guide rail along the rear of the system, which removes the need for fixed tracks, leaving unobstructed aisles and reducing trip hazards.

This streamlined construction makes our trackless mobile storage system easier to clean as the grooves and crevices that catch dirt and dust are removed. It also uses BioCote anti-microbial technology to limit the spread of harmful bacteria, making it a hygienic as well as low maintenance option.

The main advantage of all mobile shelving systems, including our trackless range, over other storage solutions is the space they save in the workplace. By reducing the floor space used to store the same amount as static shelving or increasing the overall storage capacity available within the same space, they are perfect for any modern office or commercial environment.

Mobile shelving can be operated by a choice of push and pull handles or a mechanical system.

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