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Stormor Shelving Accessories

STORMOR Mono, Duo, Solo Accessories

Link51 Trade are the UK’s leading trade only storage supplier and have over 50 years of experience in providing shelving systems for a variety of industries.

Whatever your customers’ requirements, our vast collection of shelving accessories for our Stormor Solo, Duo and Mono ranges let you provide a customised solution tailored around these needs.

Our Stormor Shelving accessories include the following:

  • 1 – Solo Frame – Single piece solid frame which features a 20mm delta profile front post with a T-section rear. Frame is pierced with slots on 25mm pitch t accommodate shelf clips.
  • 2- Mono Frame – Open shelving frame consisting of a pair of 20mm wide uprights connected horizontally by bracing panels. Available with painted finish as standard or pre-galvanised.
  • 3- Duo Frame – Double skinned 20mm box section frame. Allows clear access to the full shelf width, eliminating ‘snagging’ of items stored. Complies with clear access requirements of PD5454.
  • 4 – Cross Brace – Provides essential stability bracing for open back shelving bays.
  • 5 – Rear Cladding – Solid steel sheets that enclose the rear of the bay and give essential stability to the bay structure.
  • 6 – Mesh Cladding – Can be fitted to open frames and as rear cladding for all frame types. Retains visibility and ventilation for the items stored.
  • 7 – Open Section Shelf – 25mm section shelf with a formed open flange which allows lateral files to be hung underneath the shelf. Fits all frames plus Euro Shelving frames.
  • 8 – Box Section Shelf – 25mm box section shelf with formed flange on the front and back for greater load bearing strength. Fits all frames plus Euro Shelving frames.
  • 9 – Document Divider – Slim profile dividers designed to be used with paper storage ensuring minimal wasted space on the shelf.
  • 10 – General Purpose Dividers – Divide shelves horizontally into smaller compartments.
  • 11 – Under Shelf Dividers – Clips to the shelf to hold books or files upright and can be repositioned as required.
  • 12 – Half Height Dividers – Divide shelves horizontally into smaller compartments
  • 13 – Back Stop – Zinc plated rod which fits across the rear of bays to prevent items falling off the back of a shelf or to segregate a joining shelves. Simply slots into the upright.
  • 14- Pull-out Drawers – Easy access drawers which slide out on telescopic arms.
  • 15 – Pull-out Filing Cradles – Uses telescopic arms to slide out and can accommodate A4 and foolscap top loaded suspension files.
  • 16 – Pull-out Shelves – Slide out from the bay on telescopic arms to provide a flat and stable work surface.
  • 17 – Frame Floor Clip – Simple clip-in bracket which allows all types of Stormor frames to be floor fixed. Can be shimmed by using Stormor shim plates. Fits within bay footprint.
  • 18 – Floor plinths –  prevent dust and debris collecting under the shelving. Simply clips to the underside of shelf to create a smooth overall finish of the front face.
  • 19 – Half Height Door – Hinged door 1100mm high.  Creates a secure storage cupboard within the shelving.  Doors are stiffened to the full height and have 3-point locking, recessed handle and safety key.
  • 20 – Full Height Door – Hinged doors transform shelving into a lockable storage cupboard. Doors feature full height vertical stiffener, 3-point locking recessed handle and safety key.
  • 21 – Tambour Door – Roller shutter doors for security and dust protection of items stored. Open door does not protrude into aisle making tambours ideal for lockable storage in limited space.
  • 22 – Plastic Drawer Units – Fitted onto telescopic arms and available in two sizes.
  • 23 – Bin Fronts – Prevent items falling off the front of shelves.
  • 24 – Garment Hanging – System of rails and brackets which fit within bay widths to allow the hanging of garments. Rails can be re-positioned as required.

With over 50 years’ experience in the storage industry, we can help you find the right solution for your customers and also offer services including marketing support and training courses.

To find out more call us on 01952 683 900 or email sales@link51trade.com.

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