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Just kanban

When it comes to organising small parts, our Just Kanban storage system is the perfect solution for quick and easy item access.

Designed for manufacturing, assembly and production line assistance, Just Kanban storage bays let your customers organise their small parts, the way they need them.

Whether they need to store nuts, bolts, screws, nails or small tools, your customers can keep vital supplies close at hand to improve efficiency and streamline operations.

Each shelf is sloped to make reaching in and selecting a particular item easier, while the two bin arrangement aids stock rotation and replacement. When the front bin is emptied, the bin behind it takes its place, which leaves a clearly identifiable space when it comes to refilling.

Every part of this storage system has been carefully designed to make life in your stock room, warehouse or workshop that little bit simpler. Its frame is the right height for operatives to use, a range of bin sizes can be selected and your customers can even order a mobile version with wheels at the base.

A choice of heights, widths and depths are available, allowing your customers to choose a product tailored to their need.

  • Supplied ready for quick and easy boltless self-assembly
  • Manufactured by storage experts in the UK
  • Static bays can carry up to 510kg, with mobile units holding 425kg uniformly distributed loads

If your customers rapidly change their product or tool range, they can simply order extra bins to suit their requirements. Containers are available in blue, red, yellow and green plastic in various sizes.

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