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Just Shelving

Just is a multi-purpose economic shelving system appropriate for a range of working environments across various sectors.

There are several key advantages of our Just Shelving System, including offering easy access to the stored items from all directions.

It’s also an extremely easily-assembled shelving solution, featuring a tap-together framework that can be erected in moments using only a rubber mallet. Once the uprights and beams are in place, the chipboard shelves are simply fitted into the correct position. This design also makes adjusting the system really straightforward.

As well as providing a robust and colourful shelving system, Just comes in a range of shelf widths and depths, and a choice of standard or heavy duties, which lets your customers tailor the storage system to their needs.

The Just range also offers specific products for particular purposes, such as archive box or lever arch file storage and garment hanging. Various Just workstations and workbenches are available too.

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