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Stormor Euro Shelving

Euro Shelving is the heavy duty offering from our Stormor Shelving range. While the Mono, Solo and Duo versions are primarily designed for office use, Euro Shelving is ideal for more robust storage requirements in warehouses, archives and industrial storerooms – although all four options are versatile enough to be used in each environment as required.

Stormor Euro Shelving is perfect for heavy duty items – whether your customers are experimenting with new product lines or growing a particular area of their business, its clip together assembly structure means it can be erected quickly and efficiently.

Extension bays can be added to starter bays to meet expanding storage needs and each has the option of being either single sided or back-to-back. Furthermore, your customers can choose from bracing that is open all round for quick access from multiple directions or fully clad to provide a back and sides to the unit. All uprights and bays come in a smart light grey finish.

A range of accessories are also available for use with our Stormor Euro Shelving, including plastic drawers, garment hanging rails, filing cradles, shelf dividers and flat or angled shelf front bins.

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